Laszlo Bencze

Has been on commercial assignments to six continents and had one man exhibitions in Tucson, Portland, and Sacramento galleries. He has conducted workshops in Vancouver, BC, Portland, Seattle,  Sacramento, and the Congo. His pictures have appeared in Business Week, Inc Magazine, and corporate brochures and websites for such companies as Nike, Hanes, Boeing  and Nordstrom. He photographs destination weddings all over the world. But his passion for photography lies in his artistic roots with the greats he has studied under including Ansel Adams, Minor White, and Arnold Newman.  lbencze.com and laszlophoto.com


Clark James Mishler

Formerly of Alaska has moved his practice to the Napa Valley.  His recent book Portrait Alaska was also a major exhibition at the Anchorage Museum of Art in 2013. He has taught workshops at the University of Alaska, both Anchorage and Fairbanks. His pictures have been published in hundreds of national and international publications including Communication Arts, The National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Time Magazine.  mishlerphotos.com